Keep full track of your business

Track visitor interactions on your website, assess the performance of your chatbots and measure your team's productivity.


Livebeep's analytics allow you to easily track the activity on your website and the work of your team.


- Measure the conversion of your onsite communication.
- Evaluate the performance of each operator.

What information about my website can I find in Livebeep analytics?

In our statistics dashboard, you will find information about the conversion of all your onsite events: contact invitations, ads, coupons, subscription forms... You will also be able to measure the conversion of the different contact channels (email, chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) and cross-reference this information with the country of your visitors or the page of your website.

How can I monitor the performance of my equipment?

  • Performance: You can check the connection time of the operators, the number of emails and chats received and attended by each one, and the average response time.
  • Rating: You can read your customers' opinion about the service received. The rating can be activated in chats, email signatures and tickets.
  • Workday control: You can activate the workday control system for all the workers in your company without the need for them to have a paying agent account.
  • Logs: The connection and activity logs allow you to check the connection/disconnection hours to the platform of the whole team and have a control of the changes made by each operator in the system configuration.

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