Live Chat and video call

Digital customers prefer to contact a business online in real time. Offer live online customer service via live chat and video. Improve trust in your brand.

Live chat for customer service

Customer support software. Help your website visitors via live chat from your computer or mobile phone. If you need to, you can integrate video service and automatic translations in the invitation.


Live chat, video call and simultaneous translations are included in your subscription.

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- Improve the relationship with your web visitors.
- Live help, no matter the language.
- Offer video support from the chat, without the need for the visitor to log in or use a link.

Why add an online chat or live chat to your website?

In a physical shop, there is a person who interacts with and serves customers. In the case of a digital business such as a website, blog, forum or ecommerce, a communication window for online customer service allows you to interact with your visitors and build trust with users who do not know you.

This allows you to create an omnichannel communication strategy. Digital users can contact you through your web chat>/b> and, if necessary, you can continue your assistance by video call from the same window. If you are not available to answer, the invitation changes automatically and your visitors can send you an email, contact you by Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Skype, ask to call you or you to call them. In other words, they will be able to interact with you at any time.

Do you want to start engaging with your customers 100% online?


Live chat

Chat with your customer solving their doubts from your website. The chat conversation can be regardless of their language because simultaneous translations will help you.



During the chat conversation you can offer to continue by video to show your products or service and explain how they work. If necessary you can share the screen.


Closes the sale

Advises and accompanies the customer during the purchase process and allows to make a reservation and/or payment on the spot. Quickly, conveniently and easily.

Benefits of integrating the Video Call channel

Customer service by video call
  • Allows your users to request video help. Generates closeness and a stronger relationship with your customer.

  • When you offer assistance via video call, your customer only has to accept, without the need to log in or access a link.

  • Improves your customer service. Answers questions or solves problems quickly.

How do simultaneous translations work?

    Break the language barrier and communicate with your customers even if you don't speak their language because Livebeep will translate your messages on the spot so you can maintain a fluid communication.

    Remember that your Livebeep subscription includes this tool. Watch this video and learn how it works.

5 Main advantages of a Live Chat

Advantages of a Live Chat
  • Immediacy and easy access for contact with your customer, since the button is present on all the pages you set up on your website.

  • Versatility: as you see fit, the same invitation may or may not appear throughout your website, because you can provide different contact channels taking into account the content of each page.

  • Omnichannel: Your visitors can connect with you by chat or, from the invitation, choose to send you an email, send a message to your social networks, read your support guides, ask to call you or you to call them.

  • Efficiency for your business, as each operator will be able to help more than two customers at a time.

  • Savings, as it is an economical service with low maintenance costs.