Build your chatbot

Design your own chatbot. Reduce direct inquiries to your team by 70%. Offer 24/7 support on your website and social networks.

Chatbot artificial intelligence

Create your own chatbot tailored to the assistance you want to offer. Give immediate attention and support. Solve frequently asked questions quickly and easily at any time.


Customer-customizable chatbot and chatbot template for data capture included in your subscription.

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- Guided and multilingual conversations. 

- Co-browsing window to show your products automatically.

Why add a chatbot to your website?

Optimise the work of your operators: the chatbot answers frequently asked questions from users of your website or social networks and your team only steps in when contact with a human being is really needed, otherwise, spending their time on more productive tasks.

In addition, the bot can automatically select promising user profiles and carry out pre-programmed actions: sending offers, delivering catalogues, making referrals to a sales rep...

How does the chatbot work?

A chatbot is a computer program with which it is possible to have a conversation.

Therefore, you can create the script of your conversational chatbot according to the type of assistance you want to offer to your online visitors using different elements: statements, questions, options, html and PDF content, integrate your product or service API and define actions such as transferring the conversation to a human agent.

What kind of custom chatbot can I build for my website?

    CLOSED chatbot (scripted funnels): build your own chatbot to guide the communication with your website visitor. The bot will ask the user questions and offer different options for the visitor to choose from.

    * The questions can be of different types: yes/no, selectors, date, text, links, images, videos, transfer to operator, etc. 

     * You can include: texts, links, images, attachments, videos, transfer to human operator and consider the possibility of integrating a product database via API in the chatbot.

Chatbot types

4 Main advantages of a chatbot

Use a chatbot to enhance the relationship you have with your audience
  • Attends immediately 24/7: Answers an unlimited number of simultaneous enquiries, regardless of the day or time.

  • Facilitates communication with multiple formats: Guided dialogues, multimedia content display window, questionnaires, allows open-ended responses, calls to action, etc. In addition, it adapts to any marketing model and strategy.

  • Optimise the work of your team: The bot refers to them only the enquiries that can become potential customers for the business.

  • Complete integration with external systems: Responds to social media enquiries by integrating the chatbot with major chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram.