Measure the real effectiveness of your campaigns

Livebeep allows you to track your online marketing campaigns, measuring the number of visits and lead conversions.


Tracking tool for marketing actions. It also allows you to personalize your communication according to the origin of your visitors, adapting the message to their profile.


- Measure the performance of your external campaigns
- Tailor your communication according to the profile of your visitors

Why activate campaign tracking in Livebeep?

Livebeep allows you to track, in your visitor dashboard, those visits that have come to your website through an online marketing campaign, for example, through Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Campaign tracking allows you to visualize not only the number of visits generated by the campaign but also how many of these visits have been contacted (lead conversion) and how many have been converted into sales (final conversion). In this way, you can evaluate the real effectiveness of your campaigns.

What features does campaign tracking include?

  • Visits tracking: Visits coming from campaigns are identified at the moment they access your website. This will allow you to understand what they are looking for when they contact you.
  • Personalized communication: Livebeep allows you to adapt the communication in your contact tools to the profiles of your campaigns. Personalize the message for each type of customer, facilitating the commercial processes and the final conversion.
  • Final conversion: Create goals and measure the final conversion of your campaigns, analyze the communication of your conversions, measure the performance of your sales team in each marketing action.

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