Connect through social networks

Manage Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp chats from a single dashboard. Provides personalized omnichannel customer service.

Integrate messages from your social networks into Livebeep

Omnichannel customer service tool to help users who contact you through social networks. Queries come to one place and you can answer them from any device.


- Link multiple operators to one number or account. 

- Connect in any language using simultaneous translations.

Why use different instant messaging applications for customer service in your business?

The almost generalized use of social networks through a computer or mobile screen facilitates their incorporation as omnichannel communication elements in any company. Digital customers investigate your business on different online platforms in search of transparency and trust. So designing a conversational marketing strategy using social networks will allow you to generate a close relationship between your brand and users.

Which instant messaging applications can you integrate with Livebeep?

  • Telegram: create a user for your company in Telegram, assign operators and/or a chatbot to assist the visitor's or customer's message and solve the doubts that enter this channel.

  • Instagram and Facebook Messenger: you can integrate one or several Facebook Messenger pages and/or Instagram accounts into Livebeep. Receive and manage chats, assign one or several operators to each account or configure your chatbot to assist those messages.

  • WhatsApp business: you can receive your messages from this channel within your Livebeep chat dashboard. This integration is through an official Facebook provider.

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Integrate Facebook Messenger and Telegram to Livebeep

3 Main advantages of integrating your social networks into Livebeep

Omnichannel customer service
  • Improves your customer service. Answer messages from Facebook Messenger and Telegram from any device.

  • Interacts with your social network users via chat. If you need to, with the translator module you can communicate in any language even if you don't speak it.

  • Integrate a customised chatbot and improve the user experience with immediate responses 24/7.