Installing Livebeep on your website

Before activating your LiveBeep account you must first copy and paste a small HTML code into your website. This task can be done by your webmaster or the person responsible for managing your website. LiveBeep also has an installation service at no cost: if you supply us with a temporary FTP access to your website we will proceed with the installation. If your website has been created with WordPress or PrestaShop, see the specific instructions below.

Standard InstallationWordpress installationPrestashop installation
Livebeep Install

Standard installation in 2 steps

The Livebeep code installation process is a very simple task. It should take your webmaster no more than 10 minutes to complete.

1 Paste the Livebeep code into your website

You must copy the code in the yellow box and paste it on ALL PAGES of your web site, just before the closing tag .


2 Login

Once the LiveBeep code is correctly installed, the system will allow you to access to the administration panel entering your username and password we have already sent you by mail.

Installing the script on websites created with WordPress

It is very easy to install the script in WordPress. You can do it in a few simple steps:

Livebeep installation on Wordpress sites
  • Select "Plugins" from the left menu in the WordPress dashboard.

  • Select "Add new".

  • Search for "Livebeep."

  • Click on "Install Now."

  • Click on "Activate plugin".

Installing the script on websites created with Prestashop

On these websites the script can be inserted as a new module. To do this, you must first download the ZIP file from the following link on your computer:

Download module

Installing Livebeep in Prestashop
  • When you have the ZIP file downloaded to your computer, access the PrestaShop back office menu and then the "Modules and Services" tab.

  • Once the tab is open, click on the "Add new module" button. A new tab will be displayed with a button on the right to locate the file. Access the folder where the file is located on your computer to select it and upload it. Then click on the button to install the module.

This is all. If you refresh the browser and view the "source code" of your website using the option provided by the same browser, you can confirm that the script has been copied correctly.
If your version of PrestaShop does not offer the "Modules and Services" or you do not find the way to install the script, the LiveBeep technical team can do it for you. In order to do this, it will be necessary temporal access to the PrestaShop administration panel or to the domain via FTP.

We are here to help you

Remember that if you have any problem with the installation of Livebeep on your website you can count on the advice of our technical team.

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