Digital marketing

Increase your sales with banner ads on your website. Improve the relationship with your customers using email marketing tools, SMS and push notifications. Analyse results.

Create your digital marketing strategies and analyze results

Marketing automation software. Get leads and convert them into customers. Offer visitors ads, coupons, subscriptions, forms on your website. Create marketing campaigns to build loyalty.


On site advertisements (Banners, popups, coupons): Free with your subscription.
SMS, Push Notifications, Email marketing: Pay as you go

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- Save time using templates.
- Create campaigns to attract and retain customers.
- Schedule your marketing activities.
- Connect with your leads and customers through multiple channels.

Why is digital marketing important for my online business?

If you have an online presence, you want to get more traffic to your website and increase your sales. Digital marketing objectives are to attract visitors, capture them by different means on your website and convert them into customers using communication tools such as: email marketing, push notifications, SMS marketing, etc. In addition, all actions are measurable, so you can analyze whether they work or not.

Onsite Marketing: solution for your website to capture leads

Design digital marketing strategies to capture leads on your website to convert them into customers and increase your sales. How?

  • Advertisements and coupons: Promote the services or products you sell on your website. If you create exclusive promotions, you can request visitor data, increase your database and contact them in a personalized way, to nurture them and convert them into customers.

  • Pop up subscriptions: Turn web visitors into leads. Offer a pop-up form for them to subscribe to your list, tag them and communicate with them in an automated way.

Segment, personalize and convert your leads into customers

Create digital communication strategies with direct marketing actions.

Segment, personalize and convert your leads into customers

Design digital marketing strategies by sending personalized communications through different channels to a segmented database.

  • Email marketing: send fully personalized and segmented messages with minimal investment and measurable results. Build a solid relationship with your target audience.

  • Push notifications: send messages to mobile devices, tablets and computers. The use of push notifications can be broad to warn about new messages, alert about breaking news, promote products, inform... The objective is always the same: to attract the user's attention.

  • SMS Marketing: send text or SMS messages to the mobile numbers of your leads and customers, either as campaigns or transactional messages. Communicate offers, updates, urgent alerts... in order to achieve a marketing objective.


The activities you carry out using Livebeep's modules and tools are completely measurable, since all the information is recorded in different panels such as: ad and coupon conversion data, information about your leads, campaign performance, operator ratings, etc.

Segment, personalize and convert your leads into customers

3 Main advantages of marketing tools

Segment, personalize and convert your leads into customers
  • Customize and automate your communications by segmenting your audience as needed.

  • Analyze results. Make decisions based on real data.

  • Low cost compared to most traditional marketing strategies, being accessible to any size business.