Distribute queries intelligently

Optimize service by choosing between personalized assistance or a shared tray for your entire team.


The shared tray allows you to offer more efficient assistance. Queries are taken by the first available agent.


Activate the shared tray in all your communication channels: email, live chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger or Instagram DM.

What options does Livebeep offer for multi-agent care?

Livebeep allows you to adapt multi-agent support to the way your company works. You can prioritize one-to-one personalized attention between the agent and the customer, or you can direct queries to a shared tray to be attended by the first available agent. You can also divide your team into departments and transfer queries to a specific group of agents.

On which channels can I activate the shared tray?

  • Email: Set up a corporate email account and activate the shared inbox so that your entire team can provide support from a single address.
  • Live chat: Chats with your website visitors can also be delivered to a common inbox for your entire team.
  • External channels: Use the shared inbox in your instant messaging tools (WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger or Instagram DM).
  • Chatbot: If you activate a chatbot and divide your team into departments, you will be able to move queries to different groups of agents depending on the options selected by your customer.

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