Team Lab

Organise your team. Create projects, assign tasks to the different areas of your business. Schedule meetings by videoconference. Facilitate your internal and external communication and organisation.

Increase your team's productivity

Productivity software. Optimises individual and team tasks and projects. Assigns staff, attaches documentation and organises video meetings.


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- Optimise the organisation of your team by assigning projects and tasks.
- Create meeting rooms for internal meetings and with outside guests.

How does productivity software work?

The Team Lab module allows you to optimise your time and that of your team. Depending on your objectives, create projects and set tasks by assigning them to one or more participants. Plan activities according to their priority and delivery deadlines. Improve your internal communications by providing comments and attaching documents to tasks. Organise video meetings with your team or clients, as well.

If you are self-employed, create your workspace, plan your activities and tasks and set the time you will spend in completing them. Keep track of your projects and meet your goals efficiently.

How do the meeting rooms work?

Use online meeting rooms to promote your business
  • Video call meeting rooms can be used for both internal meetings and meetings with outside guests. This way you can promote your business and establish a closer relationship with your customers.

  • Customisable in accordance with your corporate image, allowing you to add a welcome message taking into account the customer's profile. In addition, depending on the frequency of your meetings, you can create permanent rooms, for a specific date and time or to start right away.

  • Programmable from the diary. Your invitee receives an email with complete information about the appointment: day, time, description and access link.

  • Also have an internal chat, with the possibility of screen sharing and access from any device (computer, tablet and mobile).

5 main advantages of using Team Lab

  • Optimises your work time: set task priorities (very urgent, high, medium and low) and time limits for work delivery.

  • Facilitates teamwork: Designate a manager and participants to perform a task on a project. In addition, you can attach documents and write comments optimising internal communication.

  • Tracks projects and tasks: Define the stage of the task as new, in process, pending, under review or completed.

  • Improves internal communications in your business: Create a meeting room via video call to solve problems or set out the steps to follow regarding the work being done. Increase your team's productivity.

  • Connects with your customers: Organise video meetings establishing a closer relationship.

Improve your internal communication and connect with your customers