Time control

Keep records of your employees' workday (start, breaks and end) with an easy-to-use cloud-based clocking system.


Workday control software. Allows you to record the start and end of the workday and indicate breaks. Control and download daily, weekly and monthly work reports. Complies with regulations.


Free! Included in Livebeep subscription.

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- Multidevice: Access the platform from mobile, tablet or laptop.
- Telework: They can clock in from the APP or Web. Controlling the location from where they clocked in.

How does Livebeep day registration work?

Supervisory access

To access time reports for all employees, the company must assign a timekeeping supervisor. In addition, he/she will have the following functions:

  • Create and edit the profiles of your employees to be able to clock in from the system. There are no limits to create this type of operators (employees) and there are no restrictions associated with each plan.

  • Control and download the clocking of your employees with daily and monthly reports.

  • Verify whether or not the monthly reports are validated by the employees.

  • Manage incidents in the employee's time record.

  • Add the holidays that govern your company.

  • Indicate the periods of absence (vacations, sick leave, etc.) in your own profile or in the profile of the rest of the operators. These days will be reflected in the weekly or monthly reports.

Employee access

You will log in to your Livebeep account and in the "My day" tab on the top bar or from the Livebeep application you will be able to clock in. In addition to:

  • Access from any device to clock in from the Web or the APP.

  • Start and end your workday with just one click.

  • Indicate a break.

  • Geolocation at the time of clocking in.

  • Receive notifications by e-mail or SMS as a reminder of the start and end of the workday.

  • View your daily, weekly or monthly time record.

  • Validate your monthly time report.

  • Report an incident in the time record.

Advantages of time recording software

  • Daily record: Keep track of the start and end of the workday for your entire workforce.

  • Geolocation: You can activate this function and record the location of your employees' clocking in and out.

  • Labor reports: The system creates daily, weekly and monthly labor reports of all employees, complying with current regulations.

  • In the cloud: The time recording reports are automatically stored in the cloud. So they will always be available if a labor inspector requests them.

  • Telework: Record the start and end of the workday from the website or app. As well as the location from where you clocked in.