Improve your online service and turn your web visitors into customers

Combine communication tools (live chat, chatbots, instant messaging channels) with digital marketing tools so that your customer feels accompanied throughout the purchase process.

One subscription with all the tools you need for your digital transformation

Live Chat with videocall

Chat with your web visitors and help them in real time. Also, during the chat conversation offer to continue by video call.

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Social media channels

Centralize your Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp and Telegram chats in a shared inbox with your web chat.

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Customizable chatbot

Build your own chatbot. Answer questions, submit forms, deliver brochures, play videos, etc. 24/7.

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Simultaneous translations

Break the language barrier in your live chats and e-mails by using simultaneous translation.

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Ticketing tool

Solve your visitors' doubts with assistance guides on your website. Manage your customers' queries and incidents with a ticketing system.

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Time control

Keep track of your team's time with unlimited free employee accounts. Complies with current regulations.

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Team lab

Optimize your team's work. Create projects and tasks, track their progress. Use the video meeting room.

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Team lab

Track visitor interactions on your website with your agents (chats, email, etc.) and/or your chatbot.

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Email Manager

Use your personalized email account provided by Livebeep to assist your customers with simultaneous translations and ticket tracking.

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Develop a 100% mobile digital strategy

100% mobile digital strategy

Help your customers from anywhere with your cell phone. Receive and answer your email messages, chat live with your web or social network visitors in any language with the simultaneous translation module. Don't miss any conversation.

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Do you use other digital tools?
Livebeep integrates with...

Livebeep is compatible with all types of WordPress websites. You can find it with the plugin search engine or through the following instructions. Installation instructions.

Analyse the performance of your AdWords campaigns from LiveBeep and coordinate all your on-site activities according to the SEM results. View your conversion reports and graphics quickly and easily.

Consolidate the tracking of Facebook campaigns and analyse the conversion rates in a single place. Evaluate and compare the results of all your campaigns and optimise your investment.

Synchronise your web activity with Livebeep and Google Analytics. Get accurate data in real time and compare the results of all your campaigns.

Synchronise your MailChimp and Livebeep contacts automatically to create email marketing campaigns from a single place.

Automatically synchronise your Infusionsoft database with that of Livebeep to manage all your data in the same place.

Merge your Teamleader databases wtith Livebeep. You’ll be able to manage all your data in the same place to track all your customers.

Livebeep merges with Acumbamail to create email marketing campaigns from the same place. You’ll be able to carry out your email marketing campaigns with all your Livebeep contacts and viceversa.

Integrate the Livebeep Click to Call service with the Vozelia VoIP to enable calls directly from your website. Hire the most effective Vozeliz plans to provide customer service via voice.

Livebeep can be installed in any Prestashop website. Begin chatting with your customers from your website with only one click. Clic here for more information

Do you need to integrate Livebeep with another system? Just call us for more details.

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Why choose Livebeep for your digital transformation?

System for your digital transformation
  • All-in-one system: hoose a cloud platform that gives you flexibility in your company’s planning, communication, sales and invoicing processes. It allows you to have a more human relationship with your customers.

  • Communication with your customers: with the different communication tools, it allows you to have a more human relationship with your customers through different channels, but you manage it from a single place. .

  • Centralised information: all your company's data are available to each member of your team, allowing them to provide better solutions to your customers.

  • Web analytics: measure all your marketing, sales, financial, etc. a so that you can make clear and effective decisions.

Our solutions are eligible for European Next Generation Funds

All our solutions are eligible for the European Funds to support digitization that are focused, through the Digital Kit, to improve the productivity of the Spanish business fabric, self-employed and SMEs up to 49 employees. This is a unique opportunity to improve your operational processes and the productivity of your company.

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